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We invest in exceptional teams and scale direct-to-consumer business models that have the potential to disrupt industries.

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What we do

If you are looking for an early stage investment from strategic business angels who can support you in scaling your business or you are looking for consulting of your operations - get in touch with us!

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You have a strong team and a great idea? We invest between 25.000 and 500.000€ and supply you with a 
great network of entrepreneurs. Get in touch with us!

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Advisory & Consulting

You are looking for support in setting up or scaling your company or individual departments? We can be your operational consultant or strategic sparrings partner and help make seven figure revenues within the first 12 months. Check out our DTC Launchpad Program.

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About Us

We are a team of skilled entrepreneurs and industry experts 
within the direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce industry, having successfully founded and advised several companies.

About us

Companies we helped build

We have (co-)founded and consulted numerous DTC brands ranging from high AOV single purchase products, to smaller FMCG products with recurring revenue models. In time we have noticed patterns and have now perfected our approach in starting and scaling new products in a short time frame.

Emma - The Sleep Company

Disrupts sleep by pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for rest. The aim is to make a positive impact on people’s lives everywhere by enhancing their sleep. From our team: Max has co-founded Emma and was the CEO from 2015 to 2018.


Revolutionizes the nail polish industry. MANIKO Nail Strips guarantee a perfect manicure for 10 days without chipping or smudging. The companies goal is to replace liquid nail polish as the #1 choice for beautiful nails. From our team: Max if co-founder and CEO of MANIKO


Klaeny has set out to revolutionize the way we clean our homes - to make it less wasteful, more ecologically friendly and to reduce the amount of single use plastics significantly in the process. Using innovative tabs that dissolve in water to create a vegan, eco-friendly, biologically composable and more sustainable way of keeping our homes and our planet clean. From our team: Niklas, Markus and Max are founding Partners.


bonavi was a baby and children products brand selling high quality baby strollers and accessories at more affordable prices. After serving more than 50,000 happy parents, unfortunately, the company had to be closed down at the end of 2020. From our team: Markus and Niklas were co-founders and CEO's of bonavi.

Levy & Frey

Levy & Frey is tackling the way we consume personal care products. The average German household uses 40+ single use plastic bottles for shampoo, shower gel, etc. L&F has developed unique powders that can be dissolved in water to provide you with a more eco-friendly, less plastic & more sustainable solution that requires no compromise in usability and outcome. From our team: Niklas is co-founder and CEO of Levy & Frey.


Furny is a modular play sofa for children aged 1-5. It's one sofa with thousands of different creations that children can use to play with, relax on and build into castles, spaceships or pirate ships - there's no limit to a child's imagination and Furny fosters this.

Companies we have invested in

We have done over 10 investments in the last years and invest anything between 25.000 and 500.000€. We have a broad network of outstanding entrepreneurs that we work with.


Klar is the single source of truth for your eCommerce business. Easy to set up, it lets you integrate your entire tool stack, for you to have all relevant KPIs in one view. It saves your teams hours of updating reports, helps you identify hidden gems in your data and allows you to scale your brand profitably.


Mammaly's mission is to develop nutritional snacks for dogs to enrich and improve the lives of our furry friends.

Instant Commerce

Instant Commerce has set out to create the leading headless commerce player. Instant Commerce significantly improves e-commerce e-commerce conversion rates by reducing page loading speed to sub-second levels and enabling shops to use a codeless storefront. More Information here: https://instantcommerce.io/


Everjump has taken on the challenge to combine hard- and software to make it accessible for everyone to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Selling jump ropes with exchangeable and weighted ropes + an AI based app to provide a personal training experience - it might just be the most effective and affordable cardio & weight training out there.

Turtle Tree

TurtleTree is driven to develop the best nutrition from milk in the most sustainable way. Our goal is to redefine how we produce milk, ensuring everyone can access the goodness within it.


Established in 2014, Loship is Vietnam’s fastest-growing one-hour-delivery E-commerce startup.


The market for beverages containing kombucha has exploded in recent years, especially in the USA. Max and his team have positioned themselves perfectly to build the market leader in Europe.


BeepBeep is a quick commerce player based in Singapore and currently already serving three markets in South East Asia.


Selbst die beste Ernährung nützt nur, wenn sie zu deinem Körper passt. Viele reden darüber, welche Ernährung gesund ist. Doch dein Körper ist individuell. Welche Lebensmittel er ideal verarbeitet und welche nicht, zeigt dir der BIOBALANCE Bluttest.

Flash Coffee

Flash Coffee is a tech enabled coffee shop chain based in Asia. It's focus on affordable and high quality coffee makes it accessible to everyone.

We invest in stellar teams 
and outstanding ideas

We know that having a great idea is only part of the story. In DTC ecommerce it primarily comes down to the team and the execution of said idea. Therefore we believe that especially at the early stages young companies need more than just capital. Therefore we additionally provide strong hands on, operational input to our portfolio companies. This ranges from high level strategic discussions to in depth analysis of marketing accounts, cash flow forecasts, logistics KPIs and many more.

We are always there when needed and to the extent needed. How much support we give is entirely up to the founders of the companies who remain in full control.

If you are looking for capital + support, a great network and access to our launchpad programm, get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss and challenge your idea.

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Investment Stages

Investment Stages

Pre-Seed & Seed

Ticket Sizes

Ticket Sizes

25.000 - 500.000€ per Venture

Target Areas

Target Areas

DTC Brands & e-commerce

Target Markets

Target Markets


Meet our team

We are a group of friends who have met on the first day of university and have since then worked together on numerous occasions. We have founded companies together and invested together having great complementary skill sets.

Niklas Ott

Niklas Ott

Niklas holds a Bsc. in Business Management from EBS University of Business & Law. Having worked for Rocket Internet, he became the COO of the Bettzeit GmbH, which ultimately turned into Emma The Sleep Company. In 2020 he co-founded Levy & Frey. He is an expert in Operations/Logistics, International Sourcing, IT and Accounting.

Max Laarmann

Max Laarmann

Max holds a BSc. in Business Management from EBS University of Business & Law. After having worked for Rocket Internet in Asia for a while he has Co-Founded Emma The Sleep Company, which is one of the biggest DTC Success stories worldwide. He is now the Co-Founder of MANIKO and is a Forbes 30 under 30 Alumni. He is an expert on Business Strategy, Internationalisation, as well as TV Marketing.

Markus Ott

Markus Ott

Markus holds a BSc. in Business Management from EBS University of Business & Law. After working for Rocket Internet in Asia, he has co-founded bonvai. He is an expert in Online Marketing, B2B Sales & Retail.

Benefit from experienced experts. Scale your brand. Multiply growth.


Turtle Tree Series A

TurtleTree, which is currently building a R&D and large-scale manufacturing facility in West Sacramento, California, says the newly raised capital will also fuel its continued development of IP technologies, research on new applications, and team expansion to include world-class scientists, product management and business development associates.


Klar holt sich Millionen für sein Analyse Tool

rank Birzle und seine jetzigen Mitgründer haben sieben Jahre lang zusammengearbeitet, zuletzt bei seinem Insurtech Ottonova. Mit Klar wendet sich das Trio jetzt an E-Commerce-Startups.

Business Insider

Flash Coffee secures 33m in series B funding

Rocket-Internet backed Flash Coffee has raised 32.8m USD in first series B closing.

Tech in Asia

Instant Commerce bags 5.4 Mio EUR in Seed Funding led by HV Capital

Amsterdam-based Instant Commerce, a headless front-end builder for fast-growing e-commerce brands, announced on Thursday, September 22, that it has secured €5.4M in a Seed round of funding. The round comes eight months after the company raised €2M in a pre-Seed round from firstminute capital and various angel investors, bringing total investment to €7.5M.

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